• In a Taxicab up to 4 people can ride for the price of 1
  • Safe, Clean, Air Conditioned vehicles
  • Door to Door Transportation
  • 24/7 pick up and Dispatch Service
  • Save On parking
  • Drop off anywhere
  • Local or long distance travel
  • We will call you when your cab arrives
Airport Service - Allied Yellow Cabs are available to take you to any Airport in the Bay Area.     
When you need a transportation to go to the Airport, please give us a call, it can be a immediate         
pick up or you can tell us the specific time, you will like the taxicab. Either way we will be at your           
place to pick you up.  
San Francisco Airport - If you are flying in to San Francisco Airport, please call us for your       
 ground transportation needs. We can pick up to 6 people in one van for no extra charge. We are        
 located only 5 minutes away from San Francisco Airport. If you are traveling more than 12 miles        
 from San Francisco Airport, you can save money by calling us. Please call us for more details. Our    
  Dispatchers are available to answer your questions 24 hour a day.
Out Of Town - Leave the driving on us when you go out in the city for entertainment. Allied        
Yellow Cabs offer flat rates for round trips.  We do have vans for more than 4 passengers.
Allied Yellow Cabs for all
your transportation needs.
Taxicabs are available for you
24 hours a day. We will be
there when you need us.
Corporate Accounts - Corporate accounts are a convenient and highly efficient way for           
companies and organizations to address all of their transportation needs .Whether it's picking up     
clients at the airport or making it possible for employees to make that last minute meeting, your       
corporate account will always be handy.  If you are interested in setting up a corporate              
account  with us, we will be delighted to hear from you. Our growth has been achieved through the  
support of our valued customers who rely on our professional taxicab dispatch service daily.  We
will continue to offer our customers and corporate clients a fast, quality transportation service 24
hours a day. The key   to our long standing relationship with our Corporate clients is the quality of
our service, Our friendly  and professional dispatchers are available to help you all the time. Please
(650) 678-5743 to open  a corporate account with Allied Yellow Cab.
Sightseeing Tours - Allied Limousine offer sightseeing tours. We can give you a flat rate        
for  the whole tour or we can give you hourly rate.  So, please give us a call for sightseeing, we will
make your trip to San Francisco Bay Area memorable and pleasant.
Fast Taxicab Service. Most Pick
Ups In 10 Minutes Or Less!
Local or Out Of Town.
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Immediate Or Advanced Calls
Airport Service!
Sightseeing Tour In San
Francisco Bay Area!
Dispatcher will call you when your cab arrive!
Yellow Allied Cab
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